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Tech neck or the curving of the cervical spine can cause headaches and neck and back pain. IPMD sees many patients who get this from sitting at their computers all day, too much screen time and being sedentary at work.

Think of it like a pulley system. One side of your neck is too weak and the other too tight. This causes problems.

Adjustments, chin tucks and pulling exercises can help reverse the effects but it does take time. IPMD docs advise parents to start healthy screen habits with their kids early and address posture issues when you start to notice them. The earlier you catch them, the easier they are to fix.

Dr. Tim Dooley says the easiest way to identify “tech” neck is to lay on a table or surface and hang your head off the back. Then hold your head in neutral. If you can’t hold that position for more than 45 seconds without shaking, you may have a problem.

:30- What is “tech” neck? Curving of cervical spine
1:30- What a normal curve looks like
4:00- How long it takes to develop
5:30- Why they see this more with females
7:00- Thinking of your neck like a pully system. 
8:00- Building up your upper and mid back strength. 
8:48- How sitting and leaning forward causes this overtime. 
10:00- Treatments. Chin tucks, manipulation, pulling exercises
12:10- How to avoid this early in life. Start young with proper posture!
13:10- How to tell if you have a problem. Neck hold from table. 
15:14- Workplace changes. Put your screen at eye level.
16:55- Long term problems it can cause if not corrected.