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Medical Weight Loss

Are you struggling to drop weight? We offer medicated and injectable weight loss solutions.  

medical weight loss

Medical Weight Loss

IPMD offers a safe and effective medical weight loss program tailored to your individual need. You can lose up to 50 pounds in three months!


Semaglutides can help with long-term weight management. These injections help the body regulate blood sugar levels and helps suppress appetite, making you feel full, longer.

Weight Loss

We offer several different options to help with weight loss.  They are ideal for patients looking to lose more than 15 pounds. 
Our weight loss program will help teach you how to eat correctly. We prescribe lipotropics which help your body burn fat, not muscle and we incorporate appetite suppressants.
We offer four different weight loss package tiers and you will be closely monitored by your provider through the entire program. 
We also offer semaglutide injections for long-term weight management. This weekly injection helps suppress appetite and regulates blood sugar. 
Call us to see what’s right for you!