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Chiropractic adjustments are used every day at Integrative Physical Medicine of Dayton. They are one of the main tools we use to get our patients feeling better, quicker.

Adjustments or spinal manipulations often involve the patient lying face down on a specially designed padded table. Our chiropractors use their hands to apply sudden and controlled pressure to a spinal joint. This helps the spine re-align which alleviates pressure from nerves which could be causing the pain in the first place.

Why the popping?

This is caused by pockets of air or gas that surround the joints. When pressure is applied to that area, those joints and those pockets move, causing the popping or cracking sound. It sounds worse than it is!

Does it Hurt?

Typically, adjustments don’t hurt. Depending on what area of the body the chiropractor is adjusting, there may be some pressure which can be slightly uncomfortable for some people but that is rare. After the adjustment, there may be slight soreness to the area that was worked on. This is usually caused by inflammation of the tissue around the joint that was out of place. A cold or hot compress can help. Typically, our patients like being adjusted and feel better afterwards.

What’s Next?

Your chiropractic doctor will talk through your care plan. Treatment plans vary and depend on the individual person and their problem. They may include more adjustments to make sure your joints are staying in place. They also may recommend physical therapy or traction therapy which uses a table to help stretch out certain areas. In extreme cases, your chiropractor will refer you to a medical doctor or surgeon.